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dog wedding - summertime benefit for shamrock

JAMESVILLE -- The pond side pergola is a natural summertime setting for a loving couple to exchange vows. A chorus of birds, frogs and
other creatures will add to the ambience and make for an appropriate wedding party considering the species of the bride and groom.
Tiger and Sconset are two dogs preparing to take their wedding vows in Jamesville on July 27th. Yes, they are two dogs and the owners say they are madly in love.

"It's not just puppy love. They really do love each other," said Tiger's owner Helena Axelrod. Helena said it's been that way since Tiger and Sconset met as puppies two years ago. Sconset belongs to Helena's son and his girlfriend Anna Montgomery. "My friends really were on my back on it at first," said Montgomery. "They were like, you're really marrying your dog?" They really are.

Axelrod and Montgomery posted an engagement announcement in the newspaper. They are booking a caterer, they have a dog gone good minister. They even plan to see what they can do about turning dog licenses into a marriage license. 

This dog wedding idea started when Montgomery saw one on a reality television show. The frivolous thought turned concrete when the Axelrod household went through some sadness. "We had a couple of dear friends pass away at a very young age," explained Axelrod. "When I talked to Anna we said let's make this happen." Axelrod is a well known yoga instructor in Central New York. She believes in finding love and happiness in all areas of life including the animal world. She also sees this July wedding as an opportunity to give friends and family an event to anticipate.

Tiger and Sconset will dress the part. Montgomery is already thinking a sleeveless gown with bows. "She loves getting dressed up. I've been dressing her up since she was a baby. That's her favorite thing to do she's a little diva," said Montgomery. When friends started asking where the dogs were registered Helena and Anna decided to add a charitable element to the big day. Guests will be asked to make a donation to
the Shamrock Animal Fund. The fund helps pay for veterinary care for animals in need that have owners with financial limitations. It also is the lead organizer of the Healthy Pet Clinics in Syracuse.

While the planning for the party is serious, all involved are enjoying the amusement and craziness of two dogs tying the knot. When the two scamper down the aisle next to that hillside pond there surely won't be a dry nose in the house.