​shamrock animal fund

here's what we don't do

We are not an animal shelter.   

We do not pay to euthanize animals. 

We do not pay for spaying and neutering.  There are some lower cost alternatives in Central New York. 

We do not pay for routine vaccinations outside of the Healthy Pet Clinics.

We do not pay veterinary bills retroactively.  

here's how it works

The Shamrock Animal Fund helps pay for veterinary care for pet owners with financial limitations. It is a volunteer based organization. 

Animal owners can contact the Fund directly through

Veterinary offices are also invited to contact the Fund to arrange for assistance with clients.

The Fund requires animal owners to do their part in paying the bill, getting us information about their financial situation and contacting the veterinarian.  

The principles of the Fund require the animal owner to pay the majority of the bill and the veterinarian to offer a discount before offering financial assistance. 

We serve animals with owners who live in the Greater Central New York area. 

Shamrock Animal Fund Helps Pay For Veterinary Care For Pet Owners With Financial Limitations