fall healthy pet clinics boost total served to over 2500 pets

(Syracuse, New York)  The final Healthy Pet Clinic of the fall season was held at the St. Lucy's Church gymnasium on Sunday, November 9th and served more than 150 animals.  This is the fourth year the Clinics have offered low cost veterinary care. During that period, a total of 2580 animals  have been served in the Central New York community. 

The Clinic will next  set up shop on Sunday afternoon in the spring of 2015.    Pet owners often line up hours in advance of the scheduled opening. The September Clinic set a record for pets served.

The dedication the owners exhibit toward their animals warms the heart of volunteers who spend as much as eight hours at the Clinic.  One couple admitted to being homeless and living under a tarp under Interstate 81 in Syracuse.  Another woman was moved to tears when she learned a donation of $10 by a Good Samaritan would help her out when she had no money to her name.  

A couple who brought their cat for vaccinations and an exam revealed the cat was named for their three year old daughter who had been killed in a car accident.  Stories like that reinforce the importance of this volunteer effort that is unique in the greater Central New York community.

REQUIREMENTS FOR CLINIC PARTICIPATION                     photo essay of Healthy Pet Clinics    

Pet owners need to bring documentation of financial need. Individuals must make less than $25,000 per year. Households less than $40,000. Proof of Income includes a Tax Return or a NYS Benefit Card. Proof of address is required to show the pet owner lives in Syracuse.

There is a $10 cash fee per animal. Limit of three animals.  Pet owners should ONLY bring animals in need of vaccinations and other care. Please do not bring your pet only for toe nail clippings or flea/tick product.  The first priority is vaccinations then the other care follows at the veterinarians discretion.

Owners need to bring past veterinary and vaccination records. Cats must be in carriers. Dogs must be leashed and muzzled. No aggressive dogs.

The City of Syracuse offers dog licensing for an additional fee of $10 per dog that is fixed and $20 per dog that is not fixed. Onondaga County is assisting with rabies paperwork and tags. Information is given on low cost spaying and neutering.

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