As of March 2020, New York State has been on Pause as we all stay at home, social distance and wear masks in public.  During this time essential veterinary care has been deemed exempt.  You should contact your veterinarian over the phone should urgent care matters arise. Normal hours have been discontinued in most cases and veterinary practices have adapted to new social distancing norms to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here are some resources and links for you to learn more about how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting our pets and veterinary practices.

The Centers for Disease Control provides detailed information for pet owners.

Information for protecting your pets.  

Detailed information for veterinary providers.

Cornell Shelter Medicine Program COVID-19 advisories.

Dr. Elizabeth Berliner on Guidelines for Essential Services.

New York State Pause order continues even as the May 15th deadline passes for  some Phase I

reopening to begin in some areas of New York State. Stay in touch with your local media for 

guidance and what you can expect for easing of Stay at Home restrictions.  Social distancing, 

hand washing, wearing masks in public are all part of the upcoming phases of reopening.